Last question of the DFS paper

Flying Scarlet
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Hi guys (again!!) :D

On the very last question of the DFS paper, after the ratios & analysis there is a question or 2 on the financial standards etc....

what will they ask here?

I failed this paper in the summer due to this question as I passed section 1 & my ratios were correct.




  • DaveIOW
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    It will be about the Framework according to the guidance, however it has the possibility of being about an IAS as it was in June. I guess although they say it is about the framework, it could be linked to some knowledge of an IAS
  • giddyupgerty
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    Last question of DFS

    They will ask for some clarifications on the meanings of IAS's and accounting terminology,
    ie Current assets, what is that made up from -cash, cash equivalents, assets held for collection etc.
    Also read the Accounting Equation - Assets MINUS Liabilities = Equity, learn the elements.
    Hope it helps
    Good luck for tomorrow.
  • Flying Scarlet
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    Cheers both, feeling a bit better now.

    Now then time to get my head round the cash flow things
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