Need some advice asap

So I did that ECR today, total nightmare, so much for those late nights revising!

I wanted to ask, when what would happen if it re-sat the exam in June and failed? But I passed the financial one? would they kick me of the course?

Many Thanks,



  • StarS
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    Don't worry, i don't think they will kick people out. you just keep trying and re-sit...
    Good luck.
  • blobbyh
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    Dipak: if you're learning through a college course and you've failed, you may need to pay for extra tuition towards future resits should any tuition be necessary. You certainly won't be prevented from being a student member of the AAT as long as you pay your subscriptions, it just may take you longer to qualify.
  • sdv
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    why don't you try to give FRA and ECR exams on CBE base. You will get and idication on your sucess as soon as you have completed the exams and a confirmation within 7 days from AAT.

    you can take as many time as you want.

    The AAT are changing their sylabus for all levels of AAT from July 2010. The students under the current syllabus will have 18 months to achive their current level before moving to the next level under new syllabus.

    hope this helps
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