DFS - Worst case scenario

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Here's my worst case scenario for tomorrow's DFS paper:

1. Journal including provision for doubtful debts and revaluation of land
2. ETB to both SFP and IS
3. Consolidated income sheet
4. Statement of cash flow - reconciliation will be supplied and we have to explain what the changes in cash flow mean.
5. IAS questions on Presentation, Income Tax, Leases, Intangibles, Borrowing costs or Impairment of Assets and their treatment in financial statements.
6. Prepare an SFP to show Associate's interest.

7. ROCE, Asset Turnover, Gearing and Interest cover. Explain how each of these ratios could be improved.
8. Define Income and Expenses as per IAS framework or explain role of IASB and how IASs and IFRSs are constructed. Anything on confidentiality, business combinations and operating segments.

Let's wait and see if I'm having a mystic meg moment! Can't all be on there.

Here's to breathing a sigh of relief when it's all over at 12.45pm tomorrow.

Night, night and good luck!


  • twinmeister
    twinmeister Registered Posts: 122 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    bit more

    forgot negative goodwill. no idea about that either.
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