Hello everyone. Just a quick question

steveJsteveJ Experienced MentorPosts: 694Registered
Im studying the intermediate AAT at the moment and have recently started my new job as a billing clerk for Ford motor company. I would love to progress from this role later on after ive gained some experience, but the question is where can i look to move on to ?
What position ?

Any ideas would be great.



  • truecockneytruecockney Feels At Home Posts: 93Registered
    From a billing clerk, the only "natural" progression I can see is possibly to a Sales Budgeter and Reporter. From there, could easily follow on to Management Accounts or Financial Analysis.

    But, the key is you are the one that determines where you want to head to. You could quite easily want to see the other side of billing section (either Credit Control or Purchase Ledger) as well before moving onwards and upwards. The more exposure you have, the better is my view.

    Good luck in your new role!
  • steveJsteveJ Experienced Mentor Posts: 694Registered
    Cheers mate...

    Anyone else got any info at all ?
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