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Can someone tell me if they found the exam, Section One in particular, the worst they have ever done!
I diligently revised all the topics I felt would come up (ok there has to be some trade-off here as you can’t do “Rome in a Day”), but it seemed like all the pointers were to a share pool question, with all kinds of questions on timings and duties and responsibilities, blah blah blah. Then WHAM! We get a Section One out of hell with the examiner wanting to know all there is to know about a sole trader and a failed business. Are we into Accountancy or Liquidation! Am I wrong? Put me out of my misery please?


  • GemmaLouise
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    All the examiner was testing was whether you knew the rules and what to do when there was a cessation of a business, for example No wda's aia's etc.
    It is covered in the syllabus but agreed it was not an expected section one but section 2 definately was kinder!
  • Lyn32
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    Hi Guys

    I was thought that I'm taking the exams BTC convinced, that I was thoughfully prepared and study very hard, to show that I can do all of this. Now, I remember what I did,oh my god what I did! I've change my answer on Section 2 tax payable with completely wrong no marks at all, as I recall.

    I agree with you that some of the task particularly on ceased trading, then you fill up self tax return. I am surprised.

    The only thing, I could think I wish I reach to the border line of passing that paper. It is hard to imagine. I thought I cover everything but it seems the exams don't agree, with me, sometimes is just having some luck of the topic you have cover and stick with it and pop out in the exams.

    Bear in mine, I do like bussiness taxation though!
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