has anyone done/doing aat on there own

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hi all this isjust a quick question. is anyone here doing the aats on there own. i mean not studing through a company like bpp , kaplan , etc etc and not doing it in conjunction with a work placement
i am wanting to do it on my own as i cant give up work to study it and cant afforrd to pay the big fees asked for by some companies


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    doing it with Home Learning College is like doing it on your own lol


    I sat unit 6 and 5 this week. I didnt have any assignments/assesments back from my tutor to know if i was right or wrong so they are worthless....

    for level 4 technician i am going to buy the books myself and study ...there is plenty of nice students here which help a lot :)

    i would pass you my books but they have also so many mistakes that they are a shame

    another point ...not always tutors are right ...i had three assesments marked as correct when actually they were wrong...

    well enough of me ranting sorry

    If you believe in yourself i am sure you can do it on your own

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    hi thanks for the reply
    are you doing the nvq or diploma? is there much of a difference to the final out come that you know of?
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    You may have to sign up to a learning provider in order to do the skills tests.
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    marc29 wrote: »
    hi thanks for the reply
    are you doing the nvq or diploma? is there much of a difference to the final out come that you know of?

    hi i am doing the diploma pathway

    i dont know how different is to the NVQ...
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    Hi I have been studying on my own (BPP Home Study, NVQ Route) for the past five years. When I started my first accounts job seven years ago, they promised study support but it never materialised so I funded it myself through home study. Since I started I've changed jobs twice, again promised study support i.e having a workplace supervisor to be able to sit simulations at work but again it has never actually happened.

    Home study in itself isn't too bad although I personally wouldn't use BPP again as I've had numerous problems. The biggest problem with self study and no employer backing is that you will need to attend a training provider to sit the simulations, and you will need to do the unit 10 project on a case study. For the units where there is only an exam, you can just purchase a book (from whichever publisher you prefer), download past papers and enter the exam.
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    Hi, I have almost finishe the certificate level with Home Learning College and have to agree it is like doing it on your own. I am considering buying the course material for the next level from BPP and studying myself. Have you bought your material from BPP? Also, I am doing the diploma pathway. How would I sit the simulations? They have to be sat through a centre. Could I book to just sit the simulation through BPP too?

    How have you managed self studying so far?

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    Hi Graham,

    I have used BPP course material and its fine, so you could just purchase the books then book the simulations; however I expect BPP offer a package per unit which provides the study material and allows you sit the simulation. For the units where there is only an exam I suggest you just purchase the study/workbook, and then use past papers to practice.
    With regards to sitting the simulations, I suggest you check with BPP or other providers the availability of sitting simulations, especially if you work full time. This is where I've had the problems, trying to get dates at my local centre and especially with the need for Saturday availability.


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    BPP in Reading were absolutely awesome when it came to sitting my simulations.

    I bought the distance learning course (£120 back then). Did my own study. Didn't bother with the interim exams.

    Rang up BPP Reading a month before my simulation to arrange the sitting.

    A week or two afterwards I received my letter of confirmation through the post. AAt were updated within a month.

    Everything went as planned !

    Well worth every penny spent !!!
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    i also am doing home study with BPP, i am in germany.

    As i purchased the course many years ago and have not managed to sit all o fhte sims within the 2 years that they give you, i now have to pay for each sim as i sit it. Last year it was £60, but next year they are increasing it to £75.

    i find they are really quick with the marking and reporting, and every time i sit a sim i get assigned a tutor who talks me through where i have gone wrong.

    my unit 10 was a breeze and i do think that it was down to the fantastic tutor that was assigned.

    Hope that helps

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