Anyone going on to CIMA?

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I've just had my last AAT exam and plan to register with CIMA in Jan to sit the first exams in May. Just wondering if anyone is doing the same and what their thoughts are, e.g. how many modules you planning on doing at the same time.

And if anyone is wondering why on earth i'm on here on a Friday after my last exam and not out....reason is so tired, one drink and i think i'd fall flat on my face, so saving it for tomorrow!!!!


  • Claire321
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    I am planning to go on to CIMA but still have the unit 10 project and unit 5 and 6 simulations to complete in January/February so will be planning to sit first exams in November.

    I'm planning to take two units at a time as I think/hope that should be about right.
  • SandyHood
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    Chichester College starts the CIMA classes for the May 2010 exams on Friday February 5th 2010 at 2pm
    We will run P1 for 10 afternoons followed by a weekend for revision.
    Email me for more details
    [email protected]
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