Unit 10 - anyone else feel it just isn't worth it

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I did all my AAT exams a couple of years ago but now want to do CIMA - I never did the unit 10 so am doing it now by correspondence. My report is not poor in comparison to the ones done by people I went to college with, in fact I would say it is far better but my tutor seems to be picking up every single tiny little matter and I feel I am going round in circles moving parts of the report in to different sections etc etc. I was even pulled for a missing full stop in a 4000 word report!! I have been pulled for the format of one section when I followed exactly the same format as the workbook but my tutor insists that mine is wrong!! I am very, very close to completion but feel like I will never get the report 100% perfect, is this what they expect??. Is it me or has anyone else had this experience? I have spent a lot of hours on this but feel like giving up and this is not my way.....I am just totally demoralized!!


  • goldfishka
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    Unit 10... you were lucky to have so much time to do it. My tutor handed to me my case study for unit 10 on last Monday and he wants it back and completed by 11th of January!!! Lovely Christmas present! And I just haven't got a clue where to start and what to do with it....
  • zainab
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    hehehehehehehehehehehehe .. I think both of you guys are luckier than me ..

    because, I am doing unit 10, unit 17, unit 21 and unit 22 all together .. and they wants the project on 15-1-2010 :S :S

    I have no idea how would I be able to finish all of the project :s

    good luck for all of use :)
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