What work experience do you need to progress?

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I wonder if anyone can help me. I am currently studying AAT Diploma and have enjoyed studying and would like to continue after my AAT (assuming i pass everything!!). What work experience is required to follow which route - ACCA,CIMA etc?

At the moment i am working as an administrator in a PRU with no financial duties, although in my last post i was responsible for all financial management of a small charity, eg, cash flow forecasting, budget management, etc... and have always worked within the finance departments of very large companies but in very specific roles which do not give you a broad knowledge of the financial management of the business.

Could i count my varied, past work experience or does it have to be current? i am just applying for a position as Accounts clerk/Book keeper but before i complete my application i want to know if it will be useful for me in progressing?

I'd be really grateful for some feedback.


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    I think it's 2 years in an accounts based role.

    It needs to be from date of registration with AAT onwards, so past experience won't count unless you were registered with AAT before that?
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    its 1 year full time. Think its 2 part time
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    AAT need a year's experience, or the equivalent if you work part-time or less than 100% on accounting functions. The work experience you need for AAT is relatively low level:

    Examples of relevant work experience

    CIMA produce a detailed guide as to what is suitable. They have Basic, Core and Supplementary experience. You need three years in total, 18 months of which must be Core. And you can count the same experience towards CIMA that you did for AAT (but note that CIMA is higher level and requires more advanced duties).

    Practical Experience Requirement

    An accounts clerk/bookkeeper is a perfectly reasonable start, more than adequate for the AAT and of some help for ACCA/CIMA. Especially if you get exposure to more advanced things after a year or two.
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    Thank you so much for your response. It has been very helpful
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