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hiya, looking for some ideas really - i work for one of the big 4s as an assistant, what i call 'bottom end' accounting, have been there for 4yrs in several departments, also had 2 children in that time and in my second lot of maternity leave - iv just finished my technician exams and have been job hunting - ideally id like to work in practise but have no experience, id like to do some voluntary work to bump up my cv - has anyone any experience of this? if so whats the best way to go about it? i was thinking of writing/emailing some local small accountants?


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    I did voluntary work with oxfam last year as a finance assistant and that seemed to of paid off as I got a job in July with the NHS. Obviously looking for vol work in practice is a good idea but I reckon any vol work in a relevant area would do you the world of good.

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    Is there not a line manager or HR person you can speak with that you can pass on your concerns with and ask if there is someone you can shadow?

    Or even a temp job within the firm you are working with? One of the problems you will find working in a small practise is you would be limited to what they would let you do or the other way you could end up doing everything for very little reward.

    Otherwise why not look on your local on-line advertising sites get a list of the accountants in your local area and send a copy of your CV together with a letter, who knows somone may answer, more so at this time of year with it so busy.

    Best of luck

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    Well I was really lucky, I did send out loads of letters and emails for voluntee jobs , then i was a single mum returning to work with two kids and had completed my Nvq3.I always wanted to work in practise ,It paid off in the end, they insisted in giving me a salary and that included study support. Now that I have completed my Nvq4 I have been offered a study package for ACA.
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    HI there I found voluntary work at a registered charity I am there sole bookkeeper, having almost completed Technician I know enough to do the tasks, many charities are looking for finance volunteers but a word of warning dont take on the role of Treasurer I did that once and all you do is offer strategic advice i.e the bookkeeper does all the accounting and you just check and on a quarterly basis and make suggestions.

    Volunatry Bookkeeping roles are hard to find and I even had an interview for this role, keep trying I am hoping this will lead to a full time job in another charity, search for reach voluntary jobs great site.

    All the best

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    I've helped a few different organisations with voluntary work.

    You could look on www.do-it.org.uk. They offer a whole host of voluntary opportunities.

    Also find where your local volunteering centre is based and make an appointment to see somebody. You should be able to find them through do-it.org.uk or www.yell.com.

    My advice is to be very careful who you volunteer to help because there can be some bad eggs about. Go and see the people at the organisation and never make a decision until you have thought about it.

    Also always discuss the payment of out of pocket expenses. Some voluntary organisations have been brilliant and insisted on paying them others have been very mean and refused to pay them.
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