May be I'm trainning in the wrong direction

Hi all
At the moment I work as a chef where plenty job around even though economic in the mess (very hard work and long hours ) ,Last 2 and half years I ve been to college to do aat level 2 and 3 now I'm on the level 4 just sat 2 exams 1 more to go and unit 10 . and bit and bob hopefully I pass all those exams , but I try to look for a job last 4 months to get some experiance but no one takes me and see on internet every job advertise at least have 20 applied .
Why so many people out there looking for acconting job ? and till many people go out to do aat may be I'm trainning in the wrong job ???????? I realize too late.


  • donnaalwill
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    Don't panic! For one thing the recession has had an affect in almost ALL sectors at the moment, keep your eyes open for opportunities, work out what you would be willing to accept in return for relevant experience (lower wage, travelling further etc), there are a lot of applicants out there, lots of them with experience and qualifications but you just don't know. The more interviews you go on the more you might be able to gauge what they are looking for and how you can fit into that. Its a big jump from chef to accounts but don't give up. As long as you are serious about the route you are on then hang in there and hopefully something will come up for you.
  • candy
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    hey don,t give up... I was in the same position a couple of years ago.I too could not put my foot into any accounting ,lacked experience. I then decided to send CVs to all local accountancy firms for voluntee work, I did end up with a friendly local firm,although they insisted in giving me a wage, but I finally got the job and two years down the line I am studying ACA.Some advice ...smaller firms rather train inexperienced individual so they dont pick up bad habits and its costs alot more employ experienced applicants.

    So hang in there...
  • messedup89
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    i was a waitress before i got a job in accounting and then started studying for the AAT.
    You just need that break
  • Criggers
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    I applied for quite a few jobs but it ended up my now current boss rang me up. I put my CV on monster and they gave me a call. Make sure you're CV is available at all the places employers might look as well as sending them out.
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