Technician- NVQ/Diploma?! Help?!

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Hi all,

I've just completed intermediate at a local college but they aren't running the technician this year which otherwise I would have/could have started straight away. I then decided to contact another college to see if I could start there in Jan but they said that due to the changes in standards that they can't let me start halfway through the academic year this year but they could have any other year. I then wondered how long distance learning providers could offer the course if this is such a prob for the college so I gave Kaplan a call and they said that as long as you finish by June 2011 it's not a prob. The college said I'd be best off waiting until Sept (9 months? no thanks). So is there some major problem with the NVQ or are they the same? I'm so confused! I just want to get started but I'm worried that if I do go with Kaplan that once the new standards are in place I may have to do more. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.



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    I started on the nvq route and found it a complete joke with Kaplan and assuming any other colleges. I completed all the foundation sims, the exam and all the keys skills stuff and health & safety project etc. So for the 2nd year I have something like 1 skills test and 2 examinable subjects which they would not let me run together. It's all to do with the funding apparently and they want you to take 3 years or more to complete the whole lot. Personally I can't see why as once you finish, they get someone else in funded. In the end I switched over to diploma route and did both intermediate and diploma stage in a year.

    If you just want to finish AAT rather than hanging around then it might be worth you asking kaplan about the option to switch to diploma, although this wil cost.
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