starting unit 10 - bpp simulation

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now exams over and im on permanent gardners leave until sept 2010 i want to start on unit 10 this week and aim for end of jan/mid feb completion in tandem with the audit unit as then plenty of time for mac before exams (although baby will arrive end of april!)

im with bpp distance learning and will need to do the simulation as not being at work and company going through merger there is no way i can do it on my work or get signed off etc

anyone know how to go about this?

also i have looked at m unit 10 stuff and i have a textbook?! is it just a case of reading this or do i need to study the chapters before starting project?

what did you all do to start once you had your sims or looked at your company i am so unsure where to begin!!!



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    Hiya, I was in exactly the same boat and had a bit of a panic yesterday about this, but last night sat down and read the BPP book. Flick to page 183, scan read that along with the sample simulation at the back and hopefully, like me, you'll feel WAY better.
    I'm actually looking forward to starting it!!!!!!!!! lol
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    UNit 10 simulation

    HI, have just sent my Unit 10 off for assessing and I did the BPP simulation via distance learning. My advice would be that the crucial thing is to get the format of the report right and the one in the back of the BPP book that I had was not correct. Once you've been assigned a tutor/assessor ask them for an outline of the format and then work to that. That way you'll have the sections in the right order and the mapping will be easier. My assessor was very patient with me as I struggled with this unit a lot. They are very helpful - I would email a section and then get feedback and worked through it that way.

    Hope this helps - good luck.
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    I emailed by assessor yesterday and got a 'out of office' reply and she's not back for 7 weeks! Have emailed my contact at AAT, now in a bit of a panic... Mind you, this morning I've not done any work and already done 1042 words on Unit 10! Mwaahaha, love my job!!!
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    ok im going to spend time on this tomorrow!!

    how do i know who to email to get sim at bpp and also assesor? i have tutor contact which helped me with a few unit 15 questions is he my assigned tutor so could i email him?

    how have you done that many words already!!!??? u sorted a topic? bet my jobs better lol im working in management accountants dept and am on fully paid gardners leave at home until sept 2010 cant beat it and they paying for my aat!
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    I think I've mucked up... Basically, I got the out of office reply, so I contact who I've dealt with in the past in Cambridge BPP, she said that I've missed the cut off for December and will have to wait until January before I can get my assessment pack signed off.
    I WAS going to do how the company I work for has saved cash recently by changing electricity and stationers supplies etc, but I dont know if this is ok.
    I've also waffled on about our 3 computer systems and how they work together.
    Thing is, they was made for the company that I work for, there ARE no improvements I could make to the computer system.
    I think I'm going to start again...
    And cry! lol.
    I'm going to fill in my assessment pack by the end of this week, get that off for approval, then start it!
  • lisnic
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    what is the assessment pack??? gah i have my unit 10 book infront of me and actually dont know where to start!!!
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    unit 10

    I havent even started mine yet not properly anyway Have been sitting here for 3 hours reading all the notes I printed off AAT Website even dug out Foundation stuff on Achieving Personal Effectiveness (Unit 23) I know this sounds really thick but what does COMPARE ACCOUNTING FUNCTION WITH AN IDEAL SYSTEM mean????????? this is what my tutor has asked us to include this in report Have to Email my work by tommorrow
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