Dec 09 ECR Sandy

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Anyone wishing to look at my attempt at the ECR exam on 30 November is welcome to email me.
To receive a copy, the subject line of the email must be exactly:
[size=+1]Dec 09 ECR Sandy[/size]
anything else is unlikely to work as it is set up within my out of office rules

I will be asking for donations this year for Robbie Hayward.
This young man has Wooster Drought Syndrome, one of the Cerebral Palsies. There is a specialist school that is helping him and is fighting to stay open.

I am hoping that between all the students requesting answers in December we can raise £500 to help Robbie.

Here is a link to a video, Robbie features towards the end;jsessionid=F616027F7D0E210D4519F74BAC7E0A6A
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