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Note: I've searched hard and searched good but couldn't find an answer to my question...

I have been looking into study after AAT and was wondering what you guys would say the *rough* costs to an employer are for ACA / ACCA / CIMA.

Lets say we took into consideration Course fees, Books and exams, what are the differences in costs?

The reason why I ask is I may need to beg to study further and when this is the case they will want to know what the damage will be.


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    Have a look on BPP's website - that will show you all the course fees and books.

    Each professional bodies' website will list the exam fees.

    Consider your time out of the office to study too. Things have probably changed since my day but ACA was 12 weeks training per annum plus 4 days of exams. ACCA was less time off for study for some reason.
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    If you were to take ACCA or CIMA, you'll probably need 3 to 4 days study on a course per exam. If you do a tuition course, double these figures. You'll also need time off for the exam of course, and you may want revision time.

    BPP, Kaplan and Reed offer various attendance patterns depending on the centre chosen, i.e. all 3/4 days in one go, 1 day a week for 3/4 weeks or 6/8 evenings. ACA courses seem to be week or 2 week blocks.

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    Another point to mention and exemptions you may have from ACCA/CIMA will cost you , around £50 per exemption for CIMA when i got mine.....
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    i'm just sitting my last acca exams (last one friday woohoo! although i think i may be resitting adv tax!) and i was totting up how much it has cost my work.

    i did tuition / revision on a weekend at kaplan and work allowed me the exam day + 1 day study leave. incl. exemption fees, exam fees, college costs, and annual fee to acca it came to just about £12,000 over 2 1/2 years.

    another thing to bear in mind is if you were to leave in a certain timescale you may have to pay it back, i want a new job but have to stay for at least a year to get what i owe down to half, and two years to not have to repay.
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    I study ACCA at uni 1 day per week which i pay for myself. Because ive done AAT i was exempt from papers F1,F2 & F3. i had to pay ACCA £50 for each of these papers to register my exemptions. I also have to pay £66 Acca joining fee which is due every January. Uni charged £200 for for each paper i studied. Books cost me £70 for F4, F5 & F6. Each exam will cost me £60 to sit.

    So overall this first year will cost me £1066 to study, although that does not include any salary for the time that im off work as i only work part time and i study on my day off.
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    Hi holby,

    in which university do you do ACCA? And it costs only £200 per paper for 1 day per week?
    I am trying to find where to study and the best option I can find is online classroom for about £300 per paper.
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