Sub-contracting accounting

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Hello everyone
I have completed AAT upto Advanced Certificate level and would like to ask you if i am capable of taking accounts on sub contracting basis and if i could draft their accounts with the help of a qualified accountant/someone who can provide me guidance if i get stuck on drafting them.

Am i legally allowed to do this?

thank you


  • CJC
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    As far as I'm aware, there are no legal restrictions on who can draft accounts. Whether you are capable is really a question only you can answer, having someone experienced to hold your hand is certainly a good idea though.
  • S11AHS
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    i contacted aat also and they said to compile the accounts you need to be an AAT's current student and to sign it off to send it off the to the HMRC you will need to be a qualified accountant.

    so if i am not a student but know what to do and also have help of a qualified accountant, wont i be allowed to draf them

    Thank you
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