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Although I have been studying the AAT for just over 2 years I am new to this forum. I am currently employed within an Administrative role and have been attempting to find employment within an accountancy/finance role, but, I am failing to get even a reply from any employers. Does any one have any tips for me as I would like to complete my final project within a finance role and then,hopefully, gain full membership.



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    Join an agency, lots of companies get people in through them rather than advertise themselves.

    Reed and Hayes to name a few.
  • Mik
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    Thanks for the reply, but, I tried a five agencies (including Hayes and Reed) and I was told that I would need a minimum of 6 months experience from each of them. How can I gain experience without ever being considered, it's ridiculous!
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    This has very recently been discussed here:

    To expand on my original post from page 2, it's not an agencies job to train you as the requirement for a trained professional is set by the client who pays the agency, not by the agency themselves. It's the job of the agancy to provide what the client is after. Having said that, I know Reed offer training initiatives to make you more employable thus turning you more into an asset to them.

    Agencies are not the only source for seeking employment and you should always continue to explore all avenues.
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    MIK have you tried an admin job in an accountany practise its where i started it has took a while but now have moved on to a finance role, plus also means your earning prob the same amount as now but you can gain the much needed experience.

    Good luck

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