soo fecked with bpp - incorrect materials!

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i ordered the complete diploma level in july after jun 09 exams

the dfs and btc stuff was fine

yesterday when i was going through unit 10 book to take notes one book was referring to one this and i couldnt find it in the other! looked closer and i had the homestudy guide for 2009 series but a 2007 series book! totally different chapters missing etc cannot be used together at all!

then thought ummm go check other 2 units left

unit 17 audit the homestudy guide and the books i received tally up so can be used together but say for assessments dec 08 and jun 09!!! i ordered in july 09 so argggh

unit 33 mac the homestudy guide says 2007 edition which i received for course companion but the revision companion is a 2008 edition! again assessments dec 08 and jun 09!!!! gah all ordered july 09

emailed last night about unit 10 (tried to call customer service they said send email!) and this morning forwarded that email and said further to email below and said about the 2 units above!

i mean come on!

i wanted to do unit 10 and unit 17 in tandem asap but am actually at a complete standstill with them - luckily i still have my ethics stuff which i was going to do after audit but maybe it will need to be the other way round now as that is all i have which i know is correct!

the emails suck as all you get is an automated email saying they will respond in 2 days - more like a week from experience! i have put please treat with a matter of urgency as has brought my studies to a standstill but i doubt they will treat any more urgent!

i sent an email on tuesday regarding the unit 10 by simulation with themselves and why i need to do a simulation and how do i go about getting this and havent received a response from that yet so who knows when this lot will get rectified!


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    I really hate having to phone BPP Customer Services because I know they can never actually answer my query! I too have had the situation send an email, get your automated response, wait more than the two days they state for your reply which then doesn't actually help or more often I end of phoning when I haven't got a reply two or three weeks later.

    BPP have an email address for everything but in my experience to get anything sorted it is better to persist and actually speak to someone. Can you phone customer services and insist to be put through to someone in the AAT Home Study Dept. I've found that once you can speak to someone in AAT, they are usually helpful and know about the query you have.

    If not AAT, then there publishing dept/Learning Media (which is a different phone no) might be able to help. I was sent a 2007 edition of a book instead of 2009, and they were able to send me the one I actually needed.

    I am planning to start Unit 10 after xmas and I can't say I'm looking forward to having to deal with BPP to get it all approved!
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    BPP sent me to a skills test and nobody turned up to invigilate!!

    3 months down the line I have yet to get an apology or my travelling expenses reimbursed!

    To say one is unimpressed is an understatement!!!
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    BPP Unprofessional Education
    BPP sent me to a skills test and nobody turned up to invigilate!!

    3 months down the line I have yet to get an apology or my travelling expenses reimbursed!

    To say one is unimpressed is an understatement!!!

    Completely know how you feel. I booked a simulation one Saturday in September in London and when I turned up the invigilator said I wasn't on his list! He said to go down to Reception and phone Customer Services which I did and they confirmed I was booked and to go back and tell the invigilator that I was actually booked. I did this but was told he didn't have the paper so there was no way I could sit it. So after being a go-between between the invigilator and Customer Services for the next half hour I was told had to just turn around and go home. As you can imagine I was annoyed to say the least especially as I had got up at 4am to travel to London for this :thumbdown:

    I made a bit of a fuss as I'd made a big effort to travel for the simulation and spoke to the manager of customer services and she did refund my travel but that wasn't really the point. It was no big deal to them - they don't seem to care too much once you've paid your fees!

    Now I just worry that the same is going to happen every time I go for a simulation.
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