Distance leaning providers for ACCA

Miss_HJ Registered Posts: 91 Regular contributor ⭐
I am looking into who to study for ACCA with, I have learnt AAt through college but TBH the lecturer wasnt the greatest and I ended up teaching myself with the book anyway! so have decided to go for Distance learning.

I have "googled" providers and BPP, Kaplan and Premier Training come up.

Does anyone have any advise/recomendations on providers?


  • troy
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    I am doing ACCA with Kaplan on distance learning...and so far have no complaints.

    I really can not comment on the others though, sorry.
  • NeilH
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    I beileve with Kaplan you receive the classroom course notes that are a condensed and more practical version of the textbook - you may have to buy a particular option, im not sure. BPP dont provide there classroom course notes unless you actually attend. They used to do an option where you could just attend the first day and get all of the materials, but im not sure if they still do this.

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