Passed FRA today by CBE...Phew!

Would definitely reccommend the FRA exam by CBE. I was a bit unsure whether to take it by CBE or not but hated waiting for my results last time. Took the exam this morning and passed...thankfully! I thought it was ok and liked the fact that each page of questions didn't refer to the previous page so there was no confusion with carrying any information on to the next page. I'm so glad it's on to professional ethics. No more exams at least till the summer. Hmmmmm?


  • inq80
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    passed mine today as well - never taken a CBE before and would definitely recommend it as like you say, all the info for the question is on the same page; this made it so much easier to follow.

    I wasnt sure of some of the answers but becasue of the cbe layout i could definitely rule some options out so could make more of an educated guess at what options were left.
  • steveJ
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    Well done you two !!

    Just shows that all that studying is worth it !

    Gotta get mine booked up now...
  • john.carter14
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    Passed mine today, was supposed to be 3 hours 15 mins, was finished after 75 mins I thought I'd missed something so spent another 15mins checking everything. SO CHUFFED thats another one out of the way and they are so much better than the paper version
  • steveJ
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    Can you still use paper and pen to scribble on ??
  • Dimples
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    Well done

    Well done everyone, i passed mine last thursday and got to say i agree that the CBE is far easier then the paper based exams, i struggled with the paper exams i never knew what figures to carry forward or would carry the figute given forward rather than the one id worked out.

    Yeah you get pen and paper to help work things out but to be honest i dont think you really need it - it just doesnt seem as faffy as the paper exam.

    Good luck to everyone who will be taking exams in the near future xx
  • pmday2013
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    I have yet to do the FRA CBE exam and will be doing it in a couple of weeks, I am desperate for the answers. I know that they are not available, would someone be able to do the answers for me so that I can work it out pleeeeeeeeeeease? If you could do screenshots of the answers or something I would be forever in your debt.

    Thank You
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