Unit Ten Introduction????

Hi all i need to add an introduction to my project and have been looking at it for hours stumped.

Any suggestions ideas would be great.

Thanks in advance



  • taskey
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    i did a background on the company and that seemed to be all my tutor wanted.
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    Thanks tracy was thinking along them lines to but its got me stumped, writers block i think
  • flower
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    Are you doing the AAT case study or your own work based experience.
  • AK002
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    I'm starting to attempt this whole unit 10 malarky tomorrow, what's your topic Avic?
  • netty177
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    Hi A-Vic,

    I wrote an introduction to the company but my tutor wanted an introduction as to why the project was being done. Don't know whether that helps.
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    Thanks for all the replies.

    Am doing a work based project and have completed the main body of it just have this bit to do.

    I will introduce the company its history and what it does but its putting it in to words. Its on new client procedure AK
  • CJC
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    My feeling is that an introduction should more or less be an overview of the report, giving the reader some idea of what the report is about - there's an old clichΓ© about report writing; tell the reader what your gong to say, say it then tell the reader you've said it. The intro is where you do the first of these.

    So you might want to include things like why the project was carried out, how it was carried out, some background to the organization and an outline of the findings. Relate what you say to the section of he report where you talk about it in more detail

    So, depending on what your report actual says, something like
    • This project focusses on the introduction of new client procedure in company x.
    • This organizational background is..
    • Outline of company structures and how the project fits into these
    • The report addresses client procedures because ... (Section 2.2)
    • To understand the issues we interviewed staff, reviewed current procedures etc (Section 2.3)
    • We looked particularly at fraud or whatever (Section 3.2)
    • New procedures were evaluated using /cost benefit analysis whatever (Section 4)
    • Implementation and related issues reviewed (Section 5)
    • In conclusion it was found that changes in procedure would be benefit the company by ABC and recommended that XYZ be done (Section 6)
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    See thats the problem am already 2500 words in so need a short introduction as i have to round it all together at the end also,

    So far i have:-

    1. Title Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Terms of Reference
    6. Analysis of Current Situation
    7. Preliminary Findings
    8. Objectives of Findings
    9. Research and Recommendations
    10. Appendix's
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    4,000 words really isnt enough
  • Greycow
    Greycow Registered Posts: 83 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    My project word count was more than 4000 words but my assessor said that as i have not waffled and the complexity of the issue she would recommend that the higher word count was acceptable.

    Maybe you could run it past your assessor and see what they think
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    My tutor has had a brief look so far and is happy and pointed out what i now need so like you said greycow i think if i do go over (butnot too much) it would be ok.

    CJC thanks for the reply also, it has given me a lot to think about :)
  • lisnic
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    remember appendixs dont count as part of word count
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    thank gawd id be well over lol
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