Self emp travel expenses

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I am helping a friend fill in her tax return (she does her own accounts).
She has employment in the mornings and self employment in the afternoon.
She is claiming mileage from her job in the mornings to her self employed premises in the afternoon.
I assumed she could not do this as it is similar from home to office, am i correct ?


  • loraluloralu Feels At Home Posts: 64Registered
    i would say she can't do it as its not business travel, its personal
  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Posts: 981Registered
    i think she can claim half of it

    if your work/premises for self employment is your own house you can claim half (or a proportion) of the expenses incurred in this i believe.
  • imeldabyeimeldabye Well-Known Posts: 147Registered
    I agree, I would not class this as allowable as the premises is a regular place of work.
  • VonniVonni Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
    I work full time and have my own private clients. I use my vehicle to visit clients at their premises during evenings and weekends and to do my once a week banking and visits to the post office and to collect stationery supplies. I keep a daily mileage log in my diary split between travel for my employer and for my own business. I then put through a monthly charge against my self employed income for this mileage at 40ppm, in addition my employer allows me to claim a mileage allowance for visiting their clients for which I also claim 40ppm (having regard to the 10k per annum allowance at this rate).

    I do not claim any capital allowances on my vehicle.

    The Revenue have no problem with the amounts I claim as an expense against my self employed income as I have detailed mileage records to support the claim, additionally I claim for use of home allowance, mobile telephone costs, computer expenses, etc which are all fully supported by receipts.

    I have been both employed and self employed for many years, and the split of this income has varied with my circumstances on a year by year basis; therefore my claims for expenses are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are fair and reasonable, with regard to 'wholly and exclusively' criteria.
  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 4,071FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    If her place of work at self employment is her permanent place of work for that job then no mileage allowance is allowable for tax purposes as Imelda says.

    If her base is at home, then I would allow Job -> S/Emp -> Home as mileage but this sounds unlikely from the info given.

    Any mileage driven for s/emp to a place other than the regular place can be claimed for mileage.
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