unit 10 - have received my aat sim what next still confused

lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉

have received my aat sim this morn for unit 10

they told me there would be info/guidance with it but nope!

im still trying to sort the text book error out too

i feel a bpp ranty telephone call bubbling up inside me!!


  • Criggers
    Criggers Registered Posts: 53 Regular contributor ⭐

    I think these documents just about cover everything. I'm not sure what you mean by text book error but I certainly didn't use a text book for Unit 10 if that is what you mean?

    The report writing guide gives you a layout and general idea of content as well. It's a practical step by step walkthrough of the whole report.

    Don't forget to check the FAQ.
  • lisnic
    lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    bpp have sent a textbook as part of this unit and i have been sent an a4 homestudy book and a textbook that are different revisions and cant be used together!!!

    maybe its because im distance learning not sure? ill look at that link though

  • messedup89
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    we never got a textbook for the project. Had to use the links on website
  • Greycow
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    I did Unit 10 distance learning with BPP, have you had an email regarding induction paperwork and been asked to complete and assessment pack.

    Once I had completed the assessment pack and emailed it to the address given it was picked up by an assessor who was my contact for the project.

    I am not sure if you can request an assessor, but I would thoroughly recommed Emma Axon, she was brilliant, Taskey also had her as her assessor.
  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Yes emma is fantastic. she walked me through every step of the way, but i was not doing the simulation so it might be different.

  • lisnic
    lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    yeah got that email yesterday finally

    am going to spend an hour on that tonight

    last night i read case study, and have got 2 possible of many areas that i would like to do - more one than the other but i need to clarify a few points first, also drafted up org. chart just so i could see who was what and can see some strength/weaknesses or each system and have idea of improvements and also looking at personel i have picked out few gaps that training etc could fill

    so overall im pretty happy just now!

    im going to do the org. overview ton i think as thats project started then and also i looked at this last night when was reading case study and looking at the business and who did what
  • Denrs
    Denrs Registered Posts: 10 New contributor 🐸
    Emma Axon

    I had Emma also, she is great and very thorough.
  • lisnic
    lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    yey i got a response with project proposal partly approved (the assessment pack that had been emailed and that i had completed was the wrong version!!) few tweaks and ill send it back as there are some additional questions in this version

    my assessor is emma axon so if all you lot say is tru im very happy!

    the progress i have made so far with project im also very happy with and can see it all coming together nicely so im pretty happy with unit 10 now think i was filling myself with fear and dread for nothing!
  • mini_schnauzer
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    A very silly question, but I'm pressuming that you can use Word the report for Unit 10 - you don't have to submit a hand written report?
  • lisnic
    lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    no i think it has to be word processed

    ive emailed all of mine
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