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Has anyone had a look at this if so have you been stuck / confused on some questions.

I have on Task 2.18 I noticed the starting balances do not agree, by £1364 which is the same amount paid in by CCC Ltd. If I enter the payment into the cash book then the reconciliation does not work where as if we ignore it ( which there is nothing stating that this should be done as it does fall into the date line to enter it) it works.

I'm also not too sure on Task 2.20 but then again its just a letter so surely as long as your polite and have the correct information in it I'm guessing it is correct

Please help


  • 1701rik
    1701rik Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Figured It

    figured task 2.18 thank god

    An I passed my exam today so I must be learning ha ha

    My advice to anyone is use the practise exams on here they do help
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