question about something in my unit 10 sim

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im wanting to look at payroll of the building firm the sim is about

the business does monthly payroll for salaried staff and directors via cheque

50 site staff still paid weekly cash (cash collected from bank wages packets made up)
weekly staff paid by cheque - payroll manager pays them into each persons banks each friday visits 9 banks!

weekly payroll done on sage payroll but it stand alone on one pc, monthly salaried manual system

some real obvious improvements can be made here which is why i want to do this area!

it states bank will not accept bacs unless 50k is lodged due to cash flow problems in 2002 (sim is 2005)

would you think this means 50k lodged to remain with bank as security or 50k of bacs payments lodged eachtime?

im thinking bacs system, all done via sage, assistant to also have sage and get training as contingency and to prevent time wasted and loss of info and not having one central payroll system etc etc

but im not sure if this bacs and 50k thing will prevent me recommending this? if it means each bacs run 50k i have no info on value of payroll for a month



  • sdv
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    your idea is good

    there is nothing stopping you to analyse the payroll department and write your recommendations

    in your conclusion you could mention that for these recommendations to be implemented the company will require to deposit 50K in the bank. This could be raised either by improving debt collection or increasing capital.

    hope this helps
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