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unit 10 - submission 12/02/2010 realistic?

lisniclisnic Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 141
ok ive started this tonight and am submitting my assessment pack tomorrow

ive put down my planned submission as 12/2/2010 - do you think this is realistic? im going to be studying audit as well as have a baby due end of april and want to be well on my way with mac too for june exams! i am at home full time on gardners leave so have the time

if my project plan gets agreed then i have it pretty set in my head what the weaknesses etc are, training gaps are, contingencys that need to be put in place and current fraud that can take place and also the system i want to recommend is put in place

im hoping to do the payroll system

im doing one of the aat sims D1965


  • GreycowGreycow Feels At Home Registered Posts: 83
    that should be fine for time, i submited my plan onn 20/9/09 and completed and posted my final draft on 20/11/09.

    I work full time with 2 children and i did not feel rushed or under pressure to get it completed.
  • mini_schnauzermini_schnauzer Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 347
    Hi Lisnic

    Just opened my Unit 10 Simulation and I have D1965A also - Sparton Builders.

    Going to have a good read over the weekend.
  • lisniclisnic Well-Known Registered Posts: 141
    Hi Lisnic

    Just opened my Unit 10 Simulation and I have D1965A also - Sparton Builders.

    Going to have a good read over the weekend.

    hi yes that is what i have

    i found the petty cash system quite interesting also and thought would be a good area too with lots to cover as well as payroll - it was one of these 2 for me but as you will soon see there are loads of possible project areas!
  • katz568katz568 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 93
    I have the same one. Am doing the payroll system also and have to have first draft in by mid january and submitted by half term february.
    Going to have to read it and get started ASAP after christmas.
  • ClairemaxiClairemaxi Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    I am also doing this simulation and was struggling quite abit where to start and still am to be honest, i decided to focus on the purchasing and stock control system as i am familar with this myself (aiming on the idea of upgrading to a computerised system built by Sam) do you think this will be enough for the project itself? i could still change as i havent done much work on this, i feel like i need to see a extraxt of someone elses to make sure im on track, any help is greatly appreciated. much love x
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