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About to start on my simulation project after deciding work based wasn't really viable. I know the basics and have an idea of what I want to do, I just don't know hoe to lay it out! I get the gist that BPP students get a folder with section dividers so that they have some sort of basis for theirs but I just don't know where to start!

I have made notes but don't know how to start getting it all together!

Any help would be great; although I know there are restrictions on what information you can offer as regards Unit 10. Even a list of catergories would be good to know!

Thanks :-)


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    I found the below in an old post, not sure if it will help, just check it is up to date (I have just done my report and it has a similar layout, so should be ok)

    Hope it helps, it is worh searching the forums for info as there is a lot o unit 10.

    Good luck with your report!



    I've just had my project marked and its complete, here is the order I used:

    1 Terms of Reference
    This section should state what your report is about and why you have written it e.g 'This report has been prepared to cover Unit 10 of the AAT qualification...' and 'The report will examine the issues surrounding the X accounting system'

    2 Methodology
    How you got your information e.g did you arrange meetings / email people / work instructions etc

    3 Executive Summary
    A basic summary so that your boss could pick up the report and instantly know what it was about without having to read the whole thing e.g main issues, reccomendations and outcomes. (Probably best to write this at the end when you know what your report is all about)

    4 Introduction
    A basic intro to you work place and the accounting systems used already - scene setting

    5 Managing People
    An overview of how your department works - method of communication, planning, contigency plans, problem solbing etc.

    6 Analysis of the Current System
    What is good about the system you are going to change, what is bad about it. Include a SWOT analysis here to show issues in a table and to help prioritse the problems.

    7 Fraud
    Is the system you are reporting on subject to any fraud implications? Use a fraud matrix to show the impact and severity of risks.

    8 Recommendations
    How should you go about changing the system? e.g new computer programme, training. Do a cost/benefit analysis here also. Make recomendations based on the cost/benefit to ensure that you are making reasonable improvements.

    9 Implementation and review
    How you are going to implement your recommendations, what actually happened and how the transition went. How will you measure the success of your changes?

    10 Appendices List
    Any relevant information that you dont want to include in your work count should go here e.g. minutes of meetings / emails / work instructions / data charts

    11 Manager’s Authenticity
    A letter on headed paper signed by you manager to say that its your own work etc.

    The above order was suggested by my college FTC.


    Number each section and then number each paragraph accordingly e.g. Section 3 Executive Summary, 3.1 XXXXX, 3.2 XXXXX (this will help if you need to reference your project)

    Use double spacing to make it easier to read and use Arial or Times New Roman (standard fonts) at size 12.

    I used dividers to split up my appendices so that the examiner didn't have to flick through the project to find the one bit they needed - they just had to go to the relevant divider section.

    Hope this helps.

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