Letter of Authenticity - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

hixiehixie Feels At HomePosts: 26Registered
Does anyone have a Letter of Authenticity temlpate the could send me for my unit 10 report?

I am doing the case study and I have to get my tutor to sign it (but he is not being that helpful!)

Any help is much appreciated as it is all I have left to do before submitting the project (I hope!)

Thank you!!



  • sdvsdv Experienced Mentor Posts: 585Registered
    If you are doing a case study, your tutor will already have a standard letter prepared for this purpose. He will have already done this for you on completion of your project.

    He may apear to be unhlepful, but he also wants the project completed ASAP just as you and I would.

    Don't worry about this!

    if you are still unhappy PM me your e-mail and I will send you my copy.
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