Technician Computer Based Exams

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Hi all

Does anyone know if Techician AAT will be converted to computer based any time soon?




  • sdv
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    for Technicians exams

    CBE are not likely to be introduced for 2003 standards.(not economically viable and questionable under current NVQ stadards)

    However, they are more likely to appear from June 2011 (exams under new 2010 standards) and most probably from DEC 2011.

    All the accounting professional bodies are moving towards CBE to asssess their students.

    This is the best gustimate I can make
  • Criggers
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    Don't CBE's tend to end up 'dumbing down' exams? I can never understand them, except they are obviously easier and therefore cheaper to mark. Same goes for producing the exams i imagine. But still, thats what you pay your fee's for right?
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