Previous accountant ignoring requests for info

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I first wrote to a new client's previous accountant 3 months ago. I have since telephoned and emailed several times but have received nothing. I have obtained the last filed tax return from HMRC and the last set of accounts from the client. However I particularly need a breakdown of capital allowances he claimed last year and a breakdown of some expenditure that is much higher than the information supplied by the client.

I am about to write again and would like to put in the letter how I find his 'failure to respond unprofessional' or would I just be being unprofessional myself?


  • Bluewednesday
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    I've had this happen before and have just had to give up and work the capital allowances info out myself.

    My guess is that something wasn't quite right which is why he's not answering you!
  • burg
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    Also had a similar situation recently. Took two connected clients from another firm. Got the first set of info no problems. The second lot a month or so later never got a reply. I still haven't. Unfortunately this can prove problems some times. Maybe it's sour grapes?!

    You should be able to find out the CA's claimed last year from the last Tax Return and then calculate it back to get a rough balance c/fwd.

    Best of luck

  • jilt
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    Thanks for your replies, I know how much he claimed last year but when I asked my client about it she said she didn't know what it was for. Only possibility could be for a car but the figure claimed doesn't tally to value of car.
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