AAT Technician Books

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Hello I am currently studying for AAT Technician - Could you let me know which books I need for the June exams?

Many Thanks


  • RichardK
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    Your books

    Hi, which books have you been using? BPP or Osborne??

    Are you taking NVQ or diploma route?

  • System
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    aat technician books

    You will need the PEV-PCR books for the June exam. This is to do with Managing Performance and Resources. I have the Osborne tutorial and worbook for sale. They are both in excellent condition. I'm selling them at £10 for the two books plus P&P which is £6 1st class, or £5 standard or free P&P if collected (if you leave in the Cheshire area). I would post the parcel within one day of cleared funds.
    If you're interested, please contact me at sasena@hotmail.co.uk

    Cheers! And good luck with your studies!
  • nworrell
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    I have been using BPP in the past and was studying in college, I have decided to take the exams externally and study at home. I just needed to know which books for all exams and do last year books still relevant for this year.
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