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I am trying to do a set of accounts but don't really know where to start.

The customer has given me a GBP and EUR bank account, a list of Income and expense in Eur and GBP.

The problem I'm finding is that they have some EUR income and expense paid in GBP and GBP income and expense paid in Eur. On top of that they have a paypal account so just one amount comes into their GBP bank. They also pay suppliers from a totally different bank and receive money into it, then doing an interbank transfer between accounts every few months for these payments received and paid.

Can anyone help me as I'm getting so confused where to start!

Thanks in advance!


  • slackda
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    I assume you have all the statements for all the accounts, if not this is going to be an uphill struggle.

    My advise match the paypal amounts to the amounts received. you will need the paypal statement for this of course .

    Don't get too concerned with the currencies atm, I would be looking to match payments and expenditure first then worry about curreny conversion.

    hope that makes sense
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