AAT Certificate - Where do I start

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I have been looking at the various options for the Accounting Course and have decided to take the Diploma route. Certificate stage is Unit 30 & 31. Kaplan offer the complete Certificate stage including sage for £425.00, then at the bottom of the enrollment form it says that you can purchase;

"COMPLETE CERTIFICATE STAGE MATERIALS: workbooks/study texts, pocket notes, 5 star study guide, simulations andmock exams/practice simulations at a cost of £109".

My question is;

What is the difference in the price

Should I purchase 1 unit at a time, if yes which unit first??

If I were to just purchase the studybooks, do you get information on the procedure, eg, simulations, coursework??

If i am just paying for the books, will the provider still mark the course or do you have to pay extra??

i would be grateful for some direction.



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    Sounds to me that if you buy the books, all you get is the books and materials and no further support, but the best place to ask this, might be Kaplan.
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    The study books are sent to you via Kaplan Publishing so they are telling you the cost of the books that are included within the Certificate Stage.

    For £425 you will receive all of the study books, a copy of SAGE software along with all the support you need, marking of tests and your simulations to complete the level.

    If you purchase individual units from Kaplan then again the cost will include the support and marking of the simulations etc. It just works out a little more than purchasing the whole stage at the same time.

    I have used Kaplan and have found them very good.
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    Where do I start

    Thanks for your help. I have just signed up with Kaplan for the full certificate. Probably the best way to start and then I can just buy the modules or books for the next stage, once I learm the ropes.

    Thanks again.
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