Please open up the answers to practise simulations

Paulicus Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
As i have been doing several simulations over the xmas period, only to find the the aat website no longer allows normal members access to view past skill tests. My tutor has given me about 4 different simulations (without the answers) all of which I can find a link to on the aat website, however it tells me I don't have authorization.

Suggestion is to open up at least the filled in answer booklet so we can check our work.


  • Mrs Whit
    Mrs Whit Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    u now have to be a stuent member and pay yr fee to get into past papers and elearning x
  • annefreeman
    annefreeman Registered Posts: 21 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    I'm a student member and still can't access this tells me I'm not on the right membership level. Any clues/help gratefully received.
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