Getting started on Unit 10

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Hi there. i have just received my Unit 10 textbook and i am ready to start it. i study from home and do not attend any college. how do i go about gettin my project marked? who do i get feedback from etc?

Any help would be much appreciated


  • mini_schnauzer
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    Hi Rustysufc

    I am half way through doing my Unit 10 project.
    It is classed as a simulation (as no exam to sit) so you have to have a distance learning provider such as BPP or Kaplan (others are available) to complete it, if you are studying from home. They will then give you advice and assess/mark the project.
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    if you are bpp the unit 10 book is very good and if you follow that you will complete it pretty easy as its sets it out very well i found

    contact your provider and they should give you details of an assessor

    i submitted my assessment plan on 27/12/09 for approval of topic and will submit first full draft tomorrow

    i took one section at a time before moving on and it seems to have worked

    good luck
  • rustysufc
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    thanks alot for your help. so i just need to ring bpp and ask for an assessor? do they give you feed back over the phone or through email?
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    email the aathomestudy address and say your ready to start unit 10 and please can you provided with assessor details and assessment pack and they will email you back. you will complete assessment plan of assessment pack and email back to a special unit 10 email and then your assessor will reply to you. my assessor has communicated by email with me but i do have phone numbers also but i just prefer email. your assessor will probably send you a bpp guidance document for unit 10

    if you have the 2009 combined companion for bpp follow it and the guidance notes and you will be totally fine it covers exactly what it expects and is needed from each section well and at the back there is a example report which shows how they want paragraphs etc numbered. i have adapated this slightly to include subheadings etc as this suited my writing style better

    hope that helps
  • rustysufc
    rustysufc Registered Posts: 9 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    thats brilliant thanks alot for your help!!
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