Hi all, advice really needed...

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Hi everyone.

I am currently taking a City & Guilds Bookkeeping and Accounts course which I have nearly finished. I have also enrolled to do level 2.

I really need some advise as to where I need to be heading after this. My current job is a receptionist, but my employer has recently mentioned me becoming the companys accountant and doing bits and bobs for them, as we are currently spending alot of money with our current accountant (who is external, not part of our company.)

I am really interested in doing this, as I am really interested in accounting, I just don't know which way to turn. Are City & Guilds qualifications any good? Or do I have to do an AAT course?

I dont think my work would pay for me to do an NVQ, as he only mentioned me doing the accounts as he knows I am doing this course.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Amy,
    it sounds like you need to do the AAT NVQ course on a part time basis as you are working.

    I think it is 1 evening a week. Your company should expect to pay about £500 for the appropriate AAT year (probably Intermediate/ advanced)

    However, there are tutors and others in this forum who have better knowledge than me.

  • amyjayne27
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    Hi RichardK,

    Thank you for your advice. However, my work would not pay for me to do the NVQ as I am the receptionist, he only mentioned me getting into the accounts side of things as he knows I am currently studying the City & Guilds course.

    I would be funding the course myself. Would I get any exemptions from the AAT course when I have finished my level 2 City & Guilds Bookkeeping and Accounts?

    Many thanks, Amy
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    I do not know the answer to these questions. You may find some tutors respond to your queries later today.

    You may also wish to make enquiries at you local college to see if you are entitled to any financial assistance. Some AAT students get financial assistance if they are on low wages or work part time.

    The AAT qualification has a good standing in most workplaces and you may wish to seriously consider this as a route. The AAT also has good relationships with other organisations such as the ACA and ACCA (Chartered and Certified bodies) and by doing the AAT qualification means you will be exempt from some of their exams should you wish to take that route after your AAT studies.

    I hope this helps until you get more information.
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    a lot of colleges will often enable you to recieve government funding (study for free) for NVQ lv2 and Lv3 assuming you dont have a previous NVQ lv2 or lv3. You'd have to check with your college for more details
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