If I fail BTC

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Hi All,

Basically if we fail BTC then what would you recommend I do? because of the Finance Act 2009 for June 2010 exams. do u think colleges would let me attend these classes? i am currently studyng with Kaplan..any 1 else been in this boat before?


  • lewpylew
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    I think I have failed too and will be self teaching myself FA 2009 if this is definitely the case. Not sure how much different it will be.....! Trying to forget about it til the 15th feb : ) Just started DFS today so that is keeping me occupied.

    Guess you'd have to check with Kaplan but there may be a charge to attend the lessons/revision classes?
  • Priya-p
    Priya-p Registered Posts: 53 Regular contributor ⭐
    ok!! i will have to do that aswell, unless kaplan would let me go in just for the BTC class.. PCR and BTC are my last 2 exams, have a feeling failed botch :( so not looking forward to results..

    good luck studying DFS, i think it was the easiest out of all the other unit
  • joantuba
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    if i fail btc

    Although I am registered at my local college I have taught myself all but unit 5 on level 3. I must admit I prefer self study rather than class study and if you are disciplined enough it is sometimes easier.

    There is a part of me that is convinced I like a lot of others feel they have failed btc this time. As to whether I resit or because of the changes actually go with another course I'm not sure at this stage - will wait and see what happens in February. This is my last exam - until CIPFA beckons of course!

    Best of luck.
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