skills test modules before exam modules?

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I did City and Guilds book-keeping evening classes at the local college last year. I could have gone on to start AAT at level 3 (diploma route as I am not working) at the same place last September but I didn't and am now regretting it. So I'm wondering if there is any way I can catch up by passing level 3 by June so that I can start level 4 at the local college this September.

The only conceivable way I've come up with is distance learning (or mix of this with classroom for some modules), as I can't find anywhere that runs classroom learning starting now for June finish.

I could do the exam modules (5 and 6) by home study for the June exam, but the skills tests / simulations (modules 15, 32, 34, 35, 36) are a problem as I have to take them on the dates when a provider allows for the actual tests to be sat.

I've been looking at BPP and they offer sittings of all the skills test modules over the next couple of months, preceded by intensive classroom learning. But that would mean I'd have to study the exam modules AFTER the skills test modules. The normal thing with BPP would be to have done the exam modules at the end of last year, presumably for the December exam.

Is it essential or advisable to study the exam modules before the skills test ones? Or is each module self-contained? Am I asking for trouble? Are there any other ways I can achieve what I want?



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    Have you tried Kaplan?
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    I'm studying the NVQ route via BPP home study, so I can't comment about the diploma route. Each module is self contained but there may be some knowledge cross-over between some modules.

    I'm not sure where abouts you are based but with BPP distance learning you can attend one of their centres when they have a simulation sitting and usually book to sit which unit you require.

    Sometimes the dates are a bit limited depending if you could attend a weekday sitting or weekend. Also you may be able to attend another centre in a nearby town / city depending where you are based if you are willing to travel a little to enable to complete all the simulations within your timescale.


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    Thank you both, that's really useful. I was looking at BPP in Reading. Just been investigating Kaplan, they also have a centre at Reading and are running the whole set of modules March to July so that gives me another option.
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