Unit 10 project question

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Hi everyone,

I am about to start my project(I keep putting it off - oops!) and am struggling to think of ideas to write about. I work in a large company with a finance office but am just hoping some of you can give me some ideas what you are covering so I can get started on it this weekend.

Thanks! : )


  • taskey
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    i did mine on a bank payment system, as at the moment, the customer pays us and we pay the supplier - all done by cash and cheques.

    i researched and recommended going to a direct debit ystem from the customer to the supplier.

    once i had the idea it just grew from there

  • Lou1234
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    My project is based on computerising the invoicing system a bit.

    I currently take the info from our in-house system and then type the info into the invoice (price, quantity address etc) which is on excel. My project is based on using the system we use to also create invoices so I don't need to type them up anymore!
  • A-Vic
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    Am doing something completly different, i think the idea is to observe your place of work and seek out any problems and ways you think you could change and/or improve them
  • speegs
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    When I did my project I worked on the purchasing and payments systems, and also any HR and IT issues relating to those departments.

    I used the case study.
  • Denrs
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    Like speegs, i did my project based on the case study - purchasing and payments system. Definitely the worst bit is getting started once you're on your way it takes on a momentum of it's own.
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