DFS Early Start for June 2010

Steve Collings
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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!

I am planning to hold an 'early start' DFS course over 2 Saturdays in March. The venues I am looking at are the Novotel in Manchester Centre and the Novotel in Birmingham Centre (Broad Street).

The days are not going to be 'study' or 'revision' days - these will be done in April/May - but instead will look at what changes are in place for June 2010 concerning DFS and how students should apply these. We will also look at ways to tackle accounting standards and look at the reasons why things are done the way they are in DFS as this paper requires a substantial amount of knowledge application as the examiner often asks for 'commentary' as well as numbers. We will also look at consolidations and ratios and why these feature so heavily in DFS and what the examiner is looking for to pass you in this paper. I find it important that students know WHY something is done rather than just doing something because it has always been done that way.

If you are interested in attending and listening to my 'tips' and getting you on the right starting track then drop me a line at:


I anticipate the cost per delegate to be around £20-£25 per day for both venues. The class sizes will not be capped because it won't be a tuition/revision day - merely a 'here's how to manage the studying for this paper'.

A couple of people have asked about my study/revision days for DFS. Details of these days will be posted up in March as I plan to do 2 weekends for study in April and 2 weekends revision in May.

Kind regards
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