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I am currently studying AAT level 3 and in the future would like to become self employed and a Member in practice.
I would be grateful if anyone could give me an idea of how much I would be able to charge per hour if I did become a member in practice?

Many thanks.


  • Psyche
    Psyche Registered Posts: 187 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    There are many discussions on this board about what to charge, I suggest you do a search.

    Generally for business clients it is more common to set a monthly charge which the client pays by standing order, this of course would vary depending on how much work they need done. If all they need is year-end returns and corporation tax return I would charge around £50 per month, anywhere up to say £200 if they are having bookkeeping, payroll, VAT returns, monthly accounts, the whole enchilada.

    It's a bit difficult but I have a mental target in mind of £25 per hour and try to calculate the monthly charges accordingly.

    Good luck!
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