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i am unemployed and i am doing unit 10 on case study ..... i am completing my proposal and i got stuck where u hav 2 search sum documents..... i just wanted to know wt others peopple did who r doing it with case study....



  • anniem
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    Can you clarify what sort of documents? Do you mean documents and advice on mapping the report and that sort of thing, or documents for including in your report?

    Mapping and advice documents can be found on the AAT website.

    if we have an idea of exactly what you need, lots of people on the forum would be happy to post/email you help, I'm sure!

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  • mini_schnauzer
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    I think Nabutt means examples of evidence - or documents that show some kind of proof that the current system is not good enough, such as examples of past events or minutes of meetings etc.

    I am doing a Case Study and thought it best to read through the diary of the year and pick out errors that have occured that prove that the company need to change.
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