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Hi there
I have had a client (and friend) ask if I will be the executor of her estate. Has anyone served in this capacity? She wants to know what I would charge, would there be a fee up front and/or a larger fee if and when, er, my services were required? She's only 30 and healthy as far as I can see, so I don't think it would have *much* chance of coming into play.
Can anyone point me to more info on this?

Er, I suppose with a business name like mine I ought to know about this. ;)


  • deanshepherd
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    I would not accept an appointment as a professional executor - that is best left to solicitors.

    Being an executor for a friend is different and you would expect the estate's solicitors to advise you along the way should you be required.
  • Psyche
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    Thank you Dean. She is my friend but her rationale for asking me was "I'd rather give you the business". Her estate is unlikely to be very complicated, though I suppose if she gets wealthy in the future that may change.

    I guess I will tell her thank you for thinking of me, but it's probably best for her to go to a solicitor. Or have a solicitor in addition to me.
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