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Hi, I am trying to reconcile a clients records of sales (split in to streamline, cash and cheqs) and streamline receipts shown on the bank statement. The Client has a restaurant, a fish counter and fish & chip shop under one roof, and all accept streamline & cash. The streamline receipts are causing me problems as the receipts shown on the summary have been grouped together, and the amounts are different to what I have recorded for each day on sage. Any advise on how these receipts are grouped together, would be appreciated, also how do you match up receipts on the bank statement to steamline receipts, do they have individual code numbers, or is it only done my date. Any help would be gratfully apprciated.

Thanks in advance.


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    I deal with streamline line and on our bank statements they are grouped together as MV and SV - one being debit card transactions and the other being credit card transactions. They usually appear on the bank statement on a certain date but at the side of the transaction it should give you the date they were processed in business and these dates will be different.

    It is really up to the business to keep a daily record of the date and amounts that are put through the till to enable you to balance the transactions with the bank.

    Hope this helps
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    I haven't worked with streamline for a while, but I remember I had the same problem. When I had this problem I phoned them and found out that they have different clearing timeframes for different cards, ie Mastercard, Visa, Amex. I'm sorry I can't remember what the differences are now. I used to have to split the receipts by date and then by type in order to be able to get the right batches together.
    Good luck.
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    I too have worked with a streamline merchant for 3 years now. It is certainly challenging and to a large extent you have to rely on the customer to keep solid records of daily sales, which you can then reconcile to the bank statement. Streamline receipts take 3 working days to hit the account (ie 3 days after the payment was made) so a sale made on 31 Jan will hit the bank 3rd Feb (if no weekend days in play). I created a sales control account to account for these sales- the balance representing sales that haven't been received into the bank. hope that helps.
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    Thank you for your help.
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    I'm interested in finding out how your client records his sales ie Credit/Debit cards Cash and Cheques. Did you supply a daily takings sheet or have they got their own system?

    I hope you sorted the streamline out Cardnet is worse.
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