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hi everyone, i need a big help from everyone to change my job, currently iam studying technician level and working as a book-keeper. i want to work in a firm and have tried to apply for some of the jobs in practice with no luck even for an interview. i dont knw wat to do as i have only one unit 8 exam to write and two skill test to go.if anyone have any idea to get a job in practice would be much appriciated. i dont want to work voluntry again as i got this job after doing two months voluntry work and now i would not be able to afford.


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    Write a covering letter explaining your situation and send it off, with a CV to all of the practises in your area.
  • sheenaa
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    thanks for the reply, i might do that, but the thing is most of them are looking for the exprience in practice, but if they dont give me the chance how am i going to get that.
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    Dont give up when we advertise for accounts assistants been a small practise we dont look mostly at the experaince but the person as anything they dont know we teach.

    All i advise keep looking on job centre sites posting cover letters as advise and when you do land that interview be yourself.

    Best of luck with your search :)
  • sheenaa
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