Exemptions at ACCA

I decided which options to take for Technician at long time ago and opted to do BTC, PTC and IAP.

I think it was for the exemptions claimable for these units if I decided to continue to ACCA.

Have any of the rules changed and if so, have I done the right thing?

Now I only need to take PEV/PCR in June and do IAP - if it's worth doing IAP, as I don't need it to complete AAT having already taken both taxes.

I'm due to have a hip replaced in April (only 41 - not fair!!!) so this will affect my time as I also work and have all ages to look after - toddler, teenager and old man!!!!

Should I do IAP? What exemptions for ACCA? Also, I didn't do Foundation stage, should I do any/all of this level?

Your answers are always/normally helpful :-))) God I miss smilies and have joined the smilies group now I've found it.

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  • messedup89
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    If you completet techinician level you will be exempt from the 1st 3 papers (thats all the knowledge papers). So you will start as the skills level F4-F9.

    Im pretty sure you dont get exemptions from your tax or audit papers at ACCA, regardless of sitting them at AAT :)
  • NeilH
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    Options taken at Technician/Diploma Level 4 wont affect your ACCA exemptions - the ACCA award the same exemptions to AAT qualifieds regardless of options taken.

    Also, you wont need the foundation stage for the ACCA exemptions.

  • anniem
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    That's really helpful. Thanks Neil.

    I may just do IAP anyway; it can't do any harm to have the understanding.
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • sunny
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    Hi Anniem,
    I have the same plan as you, take IAP to finish AAT and get on with ACCA. IAP is the last unit left for my AAT, but I did not do personal tax. You have done both, well done!

    I hear from the tutor that IAP is the most difficult unit, because it dose need your good understanding of auditing. It seems not so many people choose IAP, Hope we can discuss it sometime.

    I am pregnant, so probably need to start to read the book as soon as possible. Good luck for your hip.
  • C2XVT
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    As mentioned above, providing you complete your AAT, you will be exempt from papers F1-F3.

    This is regardless of which optional units you select.
  • sunny
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    Noted and thanks, C2XVT.
    Just prefer IAP to push myself to look into audit, maybe do personal tax as an extra unit or a backup.
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