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Can anyone please assist. I had an enquiry from a potential client who said that she had incorporated a company in 2008 it had remained dormant and accounts for 2008/09 needed to be filed with Companies House to avoid a penalty of £1,000!!

On the face of it it appeared to be a straightforward job to complete a DCA which I advised the client would probably be the case. I requested the company number and checked on Companies House website to find that the company is 'limited by guarantee with no share capital' so form DCA cannot be used. However I cannot find an alternative form - Companies House have advised that there isn't one and there is no prescribed format for dormant accounts?

Now I'm confused as I have a template for dormant accounts and have filed dormant accounts for other clients in the prescribed format but these were for business with share capital.

I am therefore assuming that the same format should be used for a business without share capital?

The potential client now tells me that this company is a 'charity' - however I believe she is getting totally confused as it is not registered as a charity and I am therefore taking the Companies House data as read.

Since the year end the company have received some small donations totalling £75.00 and I have been told that when the company gets going they intend it to be run on a charitable basis ie- raising funds to provide rehab ... needless to say 'watch this space'.

Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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