Terms of Reference - Unit 10

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I am struggling with some of the terminology in respect of the project.

"Terms of Reference" according to the guidance I have means "describing what the reports objectives are".

Therefore, i have simply written that I aim to implement a new payroll system and train staff accordingly. It is literally 3 small paragraphs long and just seems way too small and insignificant for a whole project "section".

I did bulk it out by going into detail on why I wanted to implement the new system, although this contradicts the "company background" section!

Does the company background section mean for the whole company or the area your focus is on? Therefore, if it is the whole company, I can afford to speak about the payroll system weaknesses in the "Terms of Reference" without repeating myself in another section!

Any advice is greatly appreciated on section names and what these should include would be greatly appreciated!


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