Foreign income and SA100

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Long question but the answer should be short. (hopefully)
American citizen but domiciled and resident in the UK. Been here for thirty years and plans to stay.
Last year his UK return showed him as a non-dom but this year he is claiming to be domiciled.
Concerning his US income all I have to go on is the information in the US tax return filed. This return shows all his income, interest, dividends etc but there are no schedules breaking down any tax deducted from each of the various incomes. The tax is paid as one lump sum on all the income put together.
This is all fine, but in completing the SA100 foreign section where is the correct place to put the total US tax deducted and paid?
Do I need to show the tax paid on each type of income (which i don't know) or is it ok to just put the total of US tax paid in box C on page F6?



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    I think you need more information..

    Also, I believe US tax returns are in calendar years whereas you will need info for year ending 5th April.
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