Unit 8 distance Learning

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I have registered with kaplan for distance learning for Unit 8 and i have just received
1) Study text/Workbook
2) pocket notes
3) Mock exam which is suppose to be submitted before 21 of May

I have never used distance before for all my studies I have been going to college full time but unfortunately i moved to the Republic of Ireland (AAT is not offered in colleges)

Whats the difference with buying those material on your own really I cant see the point of using distance its just costly.

I thought Kaplan will be guiding me thru my studies until the exams

I am just confused


  • Rinske
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    The difference is that you got a tutor, who you can contact and ask question to. The other difference is that often they give you a time planner and you can send in homework to get checked, which you can't do when you do it on your own.

    They will be guiding you through your studies, but you have to contact them for guidance, instead of, at most colleges, where you have a teacher telling you what to study for the next class etc.
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